Daily Archives: April 29, 2015

DCCA Spring Fundraiser

This years DCCA Spring Fundraiser was amazing! I mean you can’t go wrong with DogFish Head Beer paired with our food. But the event was an amazing collaboration of many minds and helped to raise a lot of money for the DCCA and all of the amazing 3D artists that were exhibiting. A special thank you to Suzanne Baker, for taking some amazing shot of the space, food and the art. I could go on and on about how amazing everything was, so why don’t I just show you…


DCCA 4-23-15-3 DCCA 4-23-15-21 DCCA 4-23-15-29 DCCA 4-23-15-30 DCCA 4-23-15-34 DCCA 4-23-15-47